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Safety and Etiquette

Welcome to the Watertown Skating Club! We want every one of our skating families to enjoy the safest possible skating situation. To that end, we are going to focus on ice safety. Some safety basics include looking before entering and exiting the ice. Always enter the ice and move in a counter clockwise direction first. Please do not block the entry/exit door. Remove guards and talk to your off-ice parents away from the door. Put your skates on in the least congested area.

Group lessons are divided into 2 sessions. At each of these sessions, the instructors will be reviewing something called "traffic patterns" with the skaters. A traffic pattern is basically the flow of kids in a common, anticipated direction, so everyone can skate and learn without colliding. The main traffic pattern during open skating is that we should always move counter-clockwise. If you need to get off the ice, kindly continue in a counter-clockwise pattern until you reach the door.

During dance sessions, try to do the "called dance" (the one that goes with the music being played). If the called dance is too difficult, try doing another dance that matches the music (i.e. a different waltz to a waltz beat, a different tango to a tango beat). The key is that the called dance has the right of way and we need to plan our movement accordingly. The dance patterns are displayed on hanging posters at the rink each week.

During freestyle or open sessions, everyone is skating everywhere. Use good common sense in looking before you leap.

Skating is FUN and if everyone keeps the safety rules in mind, it can be FUN and SAFE!


Contributed by:

Sue Mayer, WSC Pro

Mays Arena Regulations

The following rules and regulations are for the safety of members, guests, and spectators. Please read them. Failure to comply will result in removal from the skating session. Watertown Skating Club board members, professional instructors, and volunteer instructors are authorized to enforce these rules and regulations:

1. No one on the ice when Zamboni gates are open. Zamboni Area and Machine Room off limits.

2. Helmets are suggested for skaters six and under. No double-blade skates allowed. Activities that may endanger any skater's safety on the ice (i.e. racing, tag, crack-the-whip, sliding on ice, etc) are prohibited.

3. Food, candy/gum, and any and all electronic devices (cell phones, CD players, etc.) are prohibited on the ice. No smoking or use of alcoholic beverages anywhere on Taft property.

4. If you fall and are not hurt, get up right away. If you fall and are hurt, please do not move and ask for help.

5. Never enter the ice surface until you look and make certain you will not get in the way of another skater.

6. During practice sessions, always skate counter-clockwise unless otherwise directed. When skating backwards, look over your shoulder often. Keep skating. Do not stand or form groups on the ice. Please leave the ice to rest or to socialize.

7. Do not sit on the barriers. Do not kick the barriers. Do not kick the ice. Do not stand on team benches with skates. Littering or defacing the arena facility is prohibited. No running anyplace (even without skates on).

8. The audio equipment is to be used by authorized personnel only.

9. Absolutely, no snowball making, fighting, tag or eating of shaved ice is permitted.

10. Skaters should use great discretion when practicing jumps, spins, moves in the field drills, or dances when the rink is crowded. Please: no jumps, spins, or spirals when it is Level 1 -4 time on ice!

11. Observe the following right of way rules on the ice:

a. Yield to skaters on lesson with professional instructor.

b. Yield to skaters doing a "called" dance (i.e. music for that dance is being played). Dance patterns use most of the ice surface. Skaters not doing the called dance should skate at the ends of the rink.

c. Yield to skaters doing freestyle or moves in the field drills during open/general time (general music is being played). Skaters not doing freestyle or moves in the field drills should skate counter-clockwise around the rink near the barrier.

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