Michelle Gambacini

Email: michgamb69@att.net

Phone 203-233-9983

Michelle started skating in 1980 at the Cheshire Skating Center, where she began her development through the ISI program. In 1984 she became a member of U.S. Figure Skating and began completing the various levels and disciplines. In 1986 she joined the Watertown Skating Club where she began teaching in the Learn to Skate Program. She served on the Board of Directors from 1988 to 1994, assuming several positions including Test Chair, Membership and Ice Show/Carnival. This experience enabled her to cultivate the many necessary skills that are fundamental in the growth of skater’s talents through all levels, managing group skating programs and producing well-choreographed solo and group performances. In 1994 she stepped down from the Board to focus her interests in teaching professionally. She is continuously pursuing her own development to bring fresh new ideas, Skills and progressive techniques. Utilizing her various abilities, she set her mission to provide skaters with the skills necessary to accomplish short and long term goals while having fun.

Her skaters have seen great achievement in all of their pursuits with highly successful test results as well as successful competition results. She takes extreme pride in all of her students as she watches them take on challenges with the tools necessary for success. Whether her skaters will use these opportunities to progress in skating, school or any challenge, she feels a great reward in seeing the development of presence and potential in every single person. Her focus is to develop a strong technical foundation and provide the resources for skaters to develop presentation skills, control, strength and confidence.

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