Skating for Families since 1951


At the Odden Rink at Taft School, Watertown CT

Our season runs from late October into March

Our Program includes:

*Basic skills classes for kids ages 5- 17

*Parent Learn to Skate Class

*Adult Membership-Ice Dance, Freestyle

*Adult Learn to Skate Special

Accepting new members and renewals throughout the summer

For more information and an application:

Contact Donna Kasper, Membership, at 860-621-7588

Private lessons for children and adults are always available.

All skaters, beginner - advanced, young - vintage, are welcome to join.

CHANGES: The biggest new change is that Adults and JI's are now skating first at 9am on Saturday mornings so the Junior kids can sleep in a little. Then the new skaters and Basic Skill 1-4 skaters arrive for a 9:45am-10:45 skate with lesson. If you are new and need a hand holder please let us know. Then Basic skill 5-8 skater start at 10:45am-noon. They can get on the ice a little early 10:30 if they wish. Sibling can practice skate on the ends if they do not interfere with lessons.





Welcome to the 2014-15 season of the Watertown Skating Club. OUR 63RD YEAR! We welcome our three new Junior Instructors, Kora, Emma, Desara! SCHEDULE CHANGES: Please see the Calendar below for all changes. Sunday March 8, Show date ----------------------------------------------- The Pre Registration form for next season is available in the forms section. Early pre registration helps the club estimate our membership needs for next year. ----------------------------------------------- SHOW INFORMATION Hello Fellow Watertown Skating Club Members and Families, I'm excited to say "It's that time of year" - it's finally time for us to begin preparing for our skating show. Attached you will find a form that you will need to complete and return to the rink along with information about our show date and show entry fees. As I would like a headcount of participants within the next week, if you can "RSVP" to me via email with the skater's name, age and level, I can move forward with planning. If for some reason you are unable to participate, please send an email to me and I will remove you from the list. It is important to note that this show is open to ALL club skaters including those who have recently joined for the half season. What is the show? The show our annual end of year recital and is a great way for our skaters to perform the skills learned throughout the year for family and friends. Our show theme is "Fantasy on Ice" and skaters will perform routines choreographed by instructors in costume. Participation in the show is a great way for our skaters to build confidence through performance in front of an audience of family, friends and fellow skaters. It is always a fantastic experience and I encourage all of our skaters to participate. When is the show? The show is scheduled for Sunday March 8th. The time is TBA in the afternoon. Why is there an entry fee? Entry fees help with the purchase of the necessary costume materials and show t-shirt. When are rehearsals? We will begin grouping skaters this Saturday February 7th during the regular sessions. If your skater plans to participate, please expect to stay for the entire regularly scheduled session. Rehearsals will be held every Saturday and Sunday until the date of the show in between other regularly scheduled lessons. A rehearsal schedule and a list of skaters in each group will be posted at the rink and sent via email. I encourage everyone to attend all rehearsals as the groups can progress quickly when all skaters are present and on time. Since we have limited rehearsal time, this is critical. At certain times we are able to gather the group for an extra review of the program and therefore attendance for the entire session is ideal. For example, a skater in basic 1 who is scheduled to be on the ice from 9:45 - 10:45 on Saturday should be present for the entire session as we may be able to rehearse just prior to and following the group lessons if needed. Skaters who are present for more rehearsals show more confidence during the actual show. As we get closer to the show, we may add a few extra rehearsals to ensure our skaters are confident and well prepared. What if the skater cannot make a rehearsal? There may be times in which the skater has a scheduling conflict and cannot make a rehearsal. If this is the case, please notify the group instructor so they can plan appropriately. What is dress rehearsal? On Saturday March 7th we will have a dress rehearsal and it is mandatory that all skaters attend this rehearsal in costume. On this day we may need skaters to stay longer than their scheduled times in order to make sure costumes are complete, routines are well rehearsed, and we are prepared for the next day. Please plan appropriately and bring additional warm clothing and snacks so the skaters stay warm and comfortable. What should I expect on the day of the show? A separate email will be sent to review what will be needed on the day of the show. This will include information about parking,skater check-in times and information about what the skater should bring to the rink. What level is the skater? Skaters are grouped by levels effective 1/31/2015. Group information will be sent on February 8th in a separate email and available at the rink. What if the skater progresses in basic skill level after the effective date? We expect that our skaters will continue to make forward progress over the next few weeks. For the sake of ensuring confidence in the routine and consistency for the other skaters, we will not move skaters into a different show group if progression into a different level occurs during the rehearsal season. The skater will move into a different group during lessons and is expected to attend the appropriate lessons. In which show numbers is the skater expected to participate? For skaters in show group basic skill levels, the skater will participate in a basic skills number, a possible opener and the finale. For skaters all basic skills skaters who have PASSED the dutch waltz, those skaters are encouraged to participate in that group number. The synchronized skaters will perform the routine being practiced on Wednesday evenings. For skaters in the Sunday off ice class, we are entertaining the possibility of a show number with more information to follow. Adults and skaters who have passed additional dances should participate in all available dances. Adults are encouraged to participate in the adult group number as well. In certain circumstances, advanced or competitive skaters will perform a small group or solo routine. For questions about what your skater can do, please contact Michelle Gambacini. Will a DVD, photos etc. be available? More information regarding the availability of extras such as DVD's will be made available in a later email. When will tickets be available? Tickets will be available for advance purchase at the rink beginning Saturday February 14th. Advance ticket prices are $10 or patrons may purchase tickets at the door for $12. What else will I need to know? Please watch your email for messaging to keep updated on important show information. For anyone new to the club or for anyone with questions, I will hold a brief Q&A session on Sunday February 8th at 4:00. Again, I encourage EVERY Skater in the club to participate in the show. Our skaters work so hard all year and accomplish so much and this is the time to shine! Finally, we always need volunteers. The show is a great production run strictly by volunteers and many helpful hands are appreciated in order to bring the most success to our skaters. Some of the volunteer jobs needed include "Parent Coordinators" for each group to get any specific messaging out to skaters in each group; backstage volunteers; advance ticket sales at the rink; costume help; help putting up and taking down any backdrops, tables sets,etc. There is plenty to do if you would like to get involved and we would love to have your help. As a great bonus, volunteers receive 1 free ticket. Please contact me if you have any questions using the information below. I hope you are as excited as I am! Thank you Michelle Gambacini 203-233-9983 (feel free to text questions any time) ------------------------------------------------ Please note the new times. Saturday Adults 9 am, New Juniors up to BS 4 at 9:45am followed by BS 5-8 at 10:45am. Adult sessions are 1 1/2 hours long Wednesday and Sunday.

WSC members may be interested in getting the club logo on a jacket, sweatshirt, or vest. The important thing to note is that it does not have to be bought at any special store, it can be something they already own. Joey's Army Navy Store in Watertown has our logo and will be happy to transfer it to any clothing brought to them for just $10.00. They also have a variety of different styles and sizes for adults and children in the store or they can be ordered from their catalog.

Joey's Army Navy 

20 Depot St Watertown, CT 06795    


One of our adults: Pat Bouteiller has volunteered to take vest/jackets to Joey's Army Navy to have WSC logo sewn on for the $10. Great idea for Christmas.


Parents ONLY of junior members may guest every Sunday 4:30-5:30pm for $5.

If you need help, look for a green name tag- that person should be a Coach, Board Member or Junior Instructor.

Keep your name tag with your skates when you leave as you need it for admittance to the ice and lessons. Helmets not enforced but hats and mittens help protect.

BS 1-4 parents need to be present while their children are skating. Dress warm.

No one should go upstairs without skate guards on. It's bad for the skates and the floors!

Check the calendar weekly for any changes to the schedule. Changes will also be posted on Facebook and sent by email.

We will try to let you know as soon as we know of any changes.

We will also post a monthly Guest Skate when Junior members may bring a friend for $5. A parent must sign waiver for junior guests.

To encourage more parents to skate with their kids we offer half hour parent lessons during the children's sessions on Saturday for a $10 fee, to be taught by a Junior Instructor. Sign up at the attendance table.

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