Frequently asked questions

Do you rent skates?

While we do have a few pairs of used skates that we keep on hand we don't rent out skates. Each skater is required to bring their own pair of skates. NO DOUBLE BLADES

How much does it cost?

Please see our Rates page

Where are you located?

We use the May's rink at Taft School. 90 Guernseytown Rd Watertown, CT 06795 Park in the lot and walk down the hill to the right of the flag pole if you are looking at the building.

What happens if it is snowing?

In the event that we have to cancel for snow we make every effort to send an email our to our members. We will also post something on our home page as well as in Facebook.

Do you have classes for adults?

Absolutely! As an adult you have 2 options. you are welcome to learn with the kids or you can come to our adult lessons at 7:30PM and learn with other adults.

How long is each session?

Each session is 7 weeks of classes and one bonus week. In that bonus week we will have an open skate for you to bring friends and family to try us out and see if they want to try. During the last session of the season that bonus week is used to have our annual show.

I only attended for one session can I be in the show?

YES! As a matter of fact we really encourage it. The purpose of the show is a very layed back show in which the kids show their parents what they have learned. All the routines are exactly what they have been learning in the session.

Can I make a donation to the club?

Donations can easily be made to the club by using the Contact us form. We really appreaciate any and all support that we can get to keep the club running smoothly for a long time to come.

What happens after Basic 6?

You stick with us. We offer a second layer of figure skating training. At this point you have enough of the basic skills to start to learn different disiplines of skating so you can see where you want to focus. We will teach you the first three dances, the first 2 moves in the field tests. We will give you an introduction to jumping, spinning and all that other good stuff you see on TV.

My child wants to play Hockey can we still come to your program

Yes. Learn to skate is just that. It is the same program for the first 6 levels whether you plan to play hockey or become a figure skater. As a matter of fact some of the best hockey players started out by learning figure skating.

What should I wear?

Taft is a very COLD rink make sure you dress in layers. Gloves or mittens Helmet - not required but encouraged for beginners Hat Warm and nonrestrictive jacket Stretch pants (Under Armor, Danskin, Lululemon, Target, etc.) or skating tights and a dress

What is Basic Skills?

Basic Skills is a fun and goal-oriented program for beginner skaters,ages 4 through adult, focusing on the fundamentals of skating. Skaters receive specialized group instruction, following the Learn to Skate USA curriculum, endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey.

Where can I buy skates?

Any sporting goods store that carries ice skates. Figure skates are strongly recommended for beginner skaters, as they provide a much better blade to begin learning with. “Double-runner” skates (2 blades on each skate) are prohibited. Skaters can choose to wear hockey skates, but the shorter blade can be difficult for beginners. We recommend visiting Barbara at Wesco in Brookfield, CT for a proper fitting reasonably priced skate. She works on Saturdays only.

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